Things You Should Know Before Adopting an Adult Cat or Kitten

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Adopting a cat is a wonderful experience both for the owner as well as your new feline friend! Nonetheless, things may get complicated fast if you are not fully prepared or never had a cat before in your life. Cats are extremely emotional and sensitive animals that require special care and attention to achieve a strong bond between owner and pet. That being said, before adopting a cat, please take in these special considerations which may change your mind about cats and being well prepared before bringing them home!


Adopting a Kitten or an Adult Cat

The world today has many great technologies such as Facebook, Twitter and P which extremely idolizes kittens and their cuteness. Any normal human being wouldn’t be able to resist little balls of fur running around playfully all day right? That’s true if you don’t have to take care of them. Kittens are small, vulnerable and sensitive to many things which requires extra precaution. A small kitten requires a special diet for a healthy growth such as specially formulated kitten food which is recommended to be fed till your kitten reaches it’s 1 year old age mark. This is due to kittens requiring more protein, minerals and vitamins for their growth stage. A kitten may also required to be fed 3 – 4 times a day to ensure an even distribution of nutrition to their bodies.


A kitten may also be harder to potty train due to them having an attention span of at maximum, 10 seconds. A kitten is an extremely curious being and loves to explore your house. Think of it this way, your kitten would probably be seeing your house as an amusement park and will continue. That being said, a kitten should always be kept in a safe and kitten proofed room. This means that you should hide all sharp objects and ensure there are no places a kitten may get stuck in. Always keep in mind that cats learn by touching and trying and crawling into new things. Kittens do not know the dangers of your house and may require constant supervision. An older cat may recognize a dangerous area and will avoid it according to their natural instinct.


Things You Should Know Before Adopting an Adult Cat or Kitten Guides

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One things I’ve noticed over the years of new kitten owners is that they tend to overlook electrical wires in their houses. Kittens love biting things as they have a natural instinct to clean their teeth. Kittens have died from chewing electrical wires before so please take caution when you are kitten proofing your room. For this, I highly recommend natural and organic Japanese Matatabi Catnip Chewing Sticks for cleaning their teeth. Older cats are naturally less destructive as they are more calm and dormant compared to kittens. Adult cats tend to not constantly require attention and will keep to themselves during certain hours. Adults cats also destroy less things (they still destroy things) but if trained correctly, they will be tame and will learn to not touch human things.


Kittens require much more attention as compared to adult cats. Young kittens demand for human interaction constantly. This is important during their growing stage to stimulate them mentally and physically into tamed cats. If you work a 9-5 job on weekdays, i do not recommend getting a kitten as you will not be interacting with them throughout the day and making sure that they do not get into trouble! Older cats love observing humans go throughout their daily activities instead of going on an adventure by themselves. They love lazing, eating and going out of the house (if you let them outside) when they please. Adult cats will mostly come to you when they need your affection. Opposingly, kittens may require constant attention and affection from you as they do not understand your daily routines.


Things You Should Know Before Adopting an Adult Cat or Kitten Guides

Cats are animals with strong personalities. This is a very important point to think about before adopting a cat / kitten. Adult cats have already fully developed their personalities and will make the process of integrating your new home with it much more easier and faster. Kittens are baby cats which have not fully developed their personalities. Developing a kittens personality requires patience, time and experience. An owner is highly influential to the developing personality of a kitten. Adult cats have developed personalities which may also change when moving them to your house but your actions do not influence them as much as they influence kittens.


Adult cats have very different energy levels when compared to the energized and playful young kitten. Adult cats tend to be more chilled and relaxed and they love to laze around the house to observe things. Getting a kitten when you already have an adult cat may pose as a big problem in your household as a new kitten may be a distraction or even stressful to your adult cat. Always remember that cats with a similar age group will be more suitable to be paired up together in your house.


In my experience, many people believe that adopting a kitten when you already have another animal in your house will be easier than adopting a kitten without any other animal in your house. This is absolutely false as kittens are very playful and random. They have too much energy and will cause distress to other animals in your house during playtime.


Things You Should Know Before Adopting an Adult Cat or Kitten Guides

Another important point to make is that it is much harder for an older cat to be adopted out of an animal shelter as compared to a kitten. Sadly, older cats tend to be less appealing to adopters as they aren’t as cute as their younger counterparts. If you are an animal lover like me which loves all types of animals no matter the age, try adopting an older cat to help care for them. In many occurrences, older cats are not adopted and will be put to sleep if they pass a certain age!



Kittens are much harder to take good care off when compared to adult cats. This does not mean that you shouldn’t be adopting younger cats as all types of cats need homes to live in and will be very grateful to you if you adopted them. Adopt a kitten if you are ready to provide the necessary attention and compassion to it. Adult cats are bundles of joy too and will love you just as much as kittens so make sure you think about rescuing older cats from shelters if you get the chance. If you’ve made up your mind about which cat you’re getting (either kitten or adult cat), you should definitely check out our shop for all your cat supplies, beds, toys and more.

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