Cat Toilet Training Kit



Cat Toilet Training Kit

The Cat Toilet Training Kit utilizes a demonstrated, vanishing litter box method that has effectively prepared cats to train your cat to poop or pee in the toilet bowl. For quite some time, the cat toilet training cat has been embraced by veterinarians and feline behaviorists worldwide. Our unique design of preparing the toilet seat and simple cleaning after guidelines help your feline instill the habit of using the toilet seat. Any healthy cat with at least four months of age or more may effectively utilize the cat toilet training kit.

Just follow our super easy step-by-step guide. In a month, your cat will be using the toilet like a pro!

Size: 37 x 38cm

Comes with:

  • Free Catnip
  • Multiple toilet seat inserts
  • Free guide with step by step instructions on training your cat to use the toilet training kit
  • Tips from expert cat breeders.


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