How To Potty Train Your Cat or Kitten

japanese cat litter box in use

A motherly cat will commence training her kitten to make use of the kitty litter box when she’s been weaned. By right time you bring your brand-new kitten home, the chances are that she’s been trained to use the kitty litter box already.

Training kittens starts off with their interpersonal skills – a lot more they are exposed to at a young age, the less they will be surprised or shocked as they grow older. From almost when they can walk around without mum’s help, kittens will plan new situations with the assurance and interest that cats are so well-known for! Kittens will be at their least fearful between your ages of 3-7 weeks, so will be more open to and accepting of new changes and activities in their environment. Following this age kittens can be more cautious, so it is important that your breeder or rescue shelter introduces your dog up to possible before you acquire them, between 8-13 weeks old preferably.

Kittens prefer to reduce themselves in mud or fine sand by natural means. In the event that you introduce those to a kitty litter box, they’ll gladly go there rather than on your carpet. In the event that you start once you bring your kitten home, she or he will be using the container very quickly regularly. It’s important to get the right box for your kitten and encourage her to utilize it, but you will never have to “litter train” a cat just as you’ll house-train your dog. You mustn’t need to instruct your cat how to proceed with a kitty litter box; instinct will take over. You need to do need to offer an acceptable, accessible kitty litter box.


1. Buy a litter box from Kitty Wonderland and move it into your bathrooms (next to the toilet is ideal). In case your cats litter box happens to be located definately not the bathroom you might do that in phases by moving your cats litter box nearer to the toilet every couple of days. Consider a specific litter box. Some litter containers own an enclosure (or top) around them. The good thing about the enclosed litter box is the fact it can support the litter for a keen kicker/digger and it could decrease smells if you contain the box in a tiny living area. Some cats also feel safeguarded by the enclosure.

2. Buy a scooper and drop towel. The final things you will need to ready for litter training your kitten are a scooper for removing waste from the litter box and a drop cloth to put under the box to avoid stray litter from soiling your home.

3. Now move the litterbox onto the toilet chair. if you merely have one bathroom, ensure you replace the litterbox back on the toilet seat when youre done. uniformity is key. once more, leave for 14 days. After the litter box is next to the toilet improve the elevation of the litter box every couple of days – 2 inches wide at the same time is good. You can certainly do this by inserting magazines, papers or boxes under the litter box (make sure it’s strong). Improve the litter box as slowly and gradually or as quickly as your cat(s) can adjust to the change.

4. Finally, take away the litter box and invite your cat to poop in to the toilet pan. Don’t be concerned if its messy the first few times as they have to get accustomed to sitting on the sides of the toilet pan. Do not forget to leave the toilet seats lid up!

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