The Importance of Keeping Cat Beds and Toys Clean

Cat beds and toys seem to be used a lot, resulting to wear and tear (cats sleep up to 16 hours a day). That is good since which means the cats are putting them to good use. But still, if you ignorant when it comes to keeping these things clean then you might be making them a home for bacteria which will later come into the cat’s environment and cause harm. Luckily, it is so simple and safe to clean the cats belongings that any person, despite the age, can help to do it.

There are 2 main techniques that I personally use all the time in cleaning Cat beds and toys. One of the two techniques will suit you better depending on your cats breed and fur type. I recommend that you try both of these cleaning methods to see which is better.


Technique 1 For Cleaning Your Cat Beds and Toys

One of the the things that makes cat beds unclean is cat hair. It’ll appear that every and every hair has gotten some sort of super strength as they cling to the fibres of the bed. One technique used to remove the cat hair from the cat bed is applying some water, let it dry and then let the vacuum cleaner do the rest of the job of removing hairs.

Technique 2 For Cleaning Your Cat Beds and Toys

After that you can wear a rubber glove and then rub over the surface of where the cat hair is. This is actually the second type of defense in removing cat hair from their bed. The strategy here is to get the maximum amount of hair removed before you toss the bed in to the washing machine. You do not want to have associated risk of having too much cat hair kept in the washing machine and then later have stuck to your personal clothing. You may follow thesame routine for just about any cat toys that you will be planning to get cleaned.
Be certain that your washer/washing machine is made to accommodate a sizable amount of load and use a lot of laundry detergent which again can help in removing that remaining stubborn cat hair. In the event that the bed is filthy extremely, consider putting it through the washing machine the second time.


Last Step In Keeping Your Cat Beds and Toys Clean (optional)

The Importance of Keeping Cat Beds and Toys Clean Guides

Stop cleaning my things, Human!

Finally, put the cat beds and toys in the dryer but make certain to use at least one dryer sheet. The usage of a liquid fabric softener will never be as effective because the dryer sheet will again help avoid static electricity & remove more of any cat hair. Be sure you use a low setting up on the dryer machine to prevent the bed/toy from shrinking.

This awesome routine can be done as frequently as needed— However, most owners clean their cat beds and toys once month to guarantee and maintain the quality of the bed/toy and also to ensure the health benefits the cat.

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