Guide To Buying Cat Food

In this comprehensive and short guide I will be telling you the 5 main considerations all cat owners must make before buying cat food. All cat owner wishes that their cat lives a healthy and fun filled life without any health issues. If you really want this, you must make sure it gets a nutritional and healthy diet. You must ensure that you get the best cat food. Speaking of which, What is the right cat food?

With so many choices available for choose from, it is important that you decide on the best one after looking at these important factors and considerations below:


Five Important Considerations Before Purchasing Cat Food


1. Consider Getting Both Wet And Dry Food For Your Kitty

Many cat owners prefer to get wet food for their cats because as the cat drinks, they are eating instead of separately drinking water. Make sure that there is 70 percent moisture content in the cat food that you get. A lot of the canned food products for cats have significantly more than 75 percent to 78 percent wetness content, but always go through to the labels to be on the safer part. In the event that you get provide 3/4 of canned food to your cat from the complete diet it might be ideal for him/her. By giving your cat this food you can decrease the chances of diabetes and urinary system infections. The rest of the food contains dry food which is ideal for the cats teeth. Also make sure that your cat has unrestricted access to clean drinking water everytime.

2. Always Check The Food Label

Guide To Buying Cat Food Guides

It’s very important that not all products are called/labeled food. Remember, those that contain “dinner” or “formula” have lower amount of the key ingredients for the cat. Even if the label says that the merchandise includes a specific kind of ingredient, the “ingredient” is usually in small amount irrespective of the larger print.



3. The Nutritional Needs Of Your Cat Must Be Met

Guide To Buying Cat Food Guides

Never forget that protein should be roughly 40 percent of the cat diet while fat should be 1/3 of the food. This is actually the reason that you need to thoroughly check that the cat food that you will be selecting contains a higher concentration of necessary protein and sufficient amount of extra fat. But the degree of sugars in the food should be significantly less than 50% and the key source of glucose should result from vegetables and rice rather than corn. It’s important that the food provides the essential amount of supplements also, such as minerals, omega-3, fiber and taurine. I know what you might be thinking, buying cat food is more complicated than it seems. Don’t worry because you will only have to go through this once and stick with it for a couple of months.


4. Buy Only Those Food That Contains Food Preservatives

Cat food has vitamin C and E that happen to be good for the entire health of cats. It will always be a better choice to go for natural ingredients instead of choosing unnatural/artificial preservatives.


5. The Cat Food Should Have A Good Source Of Protein

Chicken, seafood and meat are believed to be good resources of proteins, hence look for just about any one of the protein options in the cat food. Check the quantity of food within the diet also. Oftentimes the manufacturers use proprietary amounts, which means it is best to check if the protein source is the key/main ingredient in the cat food.
If your cat is experiencing any medical condition, make sure you meet your veterinary doctor before getting any kind of cat food.

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