Choosing Names For A Cat

choosing best name for cat

Choosing Great Names For Your Cat

When you get cat a new cat you’ll definitely need to name them to make them part of the family. Many people choose a name they like and leave it at that just. But real cat lovers put a much more thought into naming their cats.

When you are ready to select a name for your cat, it is effective to first consider what breed your new kitty is from. With regards to the breed, you might look for Japanese or even Russian cat names.

The color and pattern of the cat are of great importance also. Many people prefer to name their cat based from the color of their fur. For instance, dark cats often get names such as Nighthawk or Nightingale, whereas appropriate names for white cats may be Icy or frosty.

Typically common names for white and dark-colored cat names are Dice Oreo or domino. While Siamese cats, a breed that hails from Thailand, are occasionally given Thai names. Should your cat be a rare Russian Blue, you may think of naming it Svetlana or Boris.

Of course, you want to consider the personality of the cat also. Is your cat somewhat poised or clumsy, energetic or lazy? Is your new kitty timid or friendly? You have to consider all these before anything, Because, for instance naming a really lazy cat “Flash”, just doesn’t quite fit, will it?

One more thing to consider is whether you’re looking for unisex cat names. Some people are would love to name their cats some unisex names such as Mocha, Pinwheel and Lightning. Others prefer very masculine or feminine names such as Axel, Bianca, butch or Fiona.

Or perhaps you may be looking for unique cat names. Many people like to choose unique names for their children, and that practice is common among cat owners as well. Here is a list of some of the most unique cat names I have come across.

Another great option for naming your cat is after famous animals or characters. You might want to choose famous cats names such as Snoopy, Lassie, Garfield or Heathcliff. Selecting a famous animal or character is a superb way to efficiently capture the similarities of this character and give that same memorable feeling to your cat.


Cat Name Examples

You may well be looking for unique cat names perhaps. Many people prefer to choose unique names because of their children, and this practice is one of the most common amongst cat owners. Listed below are just some of the most unique cat names:

-Johnny Walker
-Wig Wag


There are numerous sites where you can look for lists of cat names of random name generators. Many people consider choosing a cat name from some other words also, such as French/Japanese. For instance, if your cat is ash color, you might be enthusiastic about naming him or her the French/Japanese word for ash color.

A very common practice is also to choose Egyptian cat names. People do this because of the Great familiarities that the Egyptian culture has with cats. The Egyptians admired the cat’s poise and grace as well as its ability to keep pests away. There you have it! Have a great time choosing a name for your Kitty!

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