Why Cats Need Cat Toys For Exercise

cat playing with mouse toy

Cats are naturally hunters, that is why they need cat toys for exercise. A great way domestic cats practice their hunting skills is by using cat toys. Whenever we think our cats are playing/having fun, usually they are using their toys for create their own hunting game. Cats are inquisitive naturally, so when they see a new toy/object, they try to explore and “play” with it, most especially when it moves.


Best Type Of Cat Toys for Exercise

Whatever item which can be pounced on or makes sound when used can make the best cat toys. The slightest motion will receive a cats attention and will definitely encourage it to pounce upon it. In most cases Cats prefer toys smaller than themselves. Although small toys are preferred, it is advisable to ensure that the toys aren’t so small that they could be swallowed by them. When small toys are swallowed they can cause long lasting harm to a cat’s intestine and can even cause choking.

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Why Cats Need Cat Toys For Exercise Guides

DIY Cat Toys

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on cat toys, but having an assortment could keep your cat interested, simply leave a few around for your Kitty to pounce upon or play with. Make sure you provide another group of cat toys whenever your cat becomes tired of the previous ones. Using this method will create an illusion to the cats that they always have new toys to play with.

When your cat is more of a house cat, providing cat toys can be an important part to be a dependable cat owner. House cats usually do not get just as much exercise as other cats that explore outdoors. So safe cat toys provides valuable extra activity which can significantly help keep house cats healthy. The time used for playing will also help to keep your house cats brain occupied and stop anxiety and stress.

We are all acquainted with Cat toys predicated on string with a little object mounted on the finish. Simply place the string out and softly twitch therefore the toy on the finish moves to really get your pet’s attention. Usually these toys have a hoop on the finish to allow them to be hung on the doorknob which means that your cat will keep themselves occupied. Dangling the toy before your cat will give them the drive to swat the toy and try to pounce it. Remember that cat toys for exercise comes in many forms and are not confined to a product. Anything which makes your cat go insane is a good indication its a great cat toy for them!

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Why Cats Need Cat Toys For Exercise Guides

Cheap Cat Toys For Cat Lovers On A Budget

Light Balls are also a cheap way of getting a toy a cat can play with without your help. Your cat will practice stalking the ball as it continues to be, and pounce when it seems ready then. Rubber balls tend to be durable and equally very good for encouraging play, but it’s important to ensure that the balls don’t taste bitter. Clean the ball in warm soapy clean water and wash. You can even find balls for cats that have a great taste which will encourage licking at the same time playing with the ball.

Cats will love playing with small delicate stuffed toys. Often these can be bought with the stuffing containing catnip. Everybody knows that catnip can drive cat wild and really get their attention.

Here are some recommended cat toys for exercise which we do sell on our shop page. Click on the product to find out more.

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Why Cats Need Cat Toys For Exercise Guides


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