cat playing with mouse toy

Why Cats Need Cat Toys For Exercise

Cats are naturally hunters, that is why they need cat toys for exercise. A great way domestic cats practice their hunting skills is by using cat toys. Whenever we think our cats are playing/having fun, usually they are using their toys for create their own hunting game. Cats are inquisitive naturally, so when they see a new toy/object, they try to explore and “play” with it, most especially when it moves.

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Guide To Buying Cat Food

In this comprehensive and short guide I will be telling you the 5 main considerations all cat owners must make before buying cat food. All cat owner wishes that their cat lives a healthy and fun filled life without any health issues. If you really want this, you must make sure it gets a nutritional and healthy diet. You must ensure that you get the best cat food. Speaking of which, What is the right cat food?

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The Importance of Keeping Cat Beds and Toys Clean

Cat beds and toys seem to be used a lot, resulting to wear and tear (cats sleep up to 16 hours a day). That is good since which means the cats are putting them to good use. But still, if you ignorant when it comes to keeping these things clean then you might be making them a home for bacteria which will later come into the cat’s environment and cause harm. Luckily, it is so simple and safe to clean the cats belongings that any person, despite the age, can help to do it. Continue reading The Importance of Keeping Cat Beds and Toys Clean

5 foods your cats should not eat

5 Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat

By now many of us cat lovers already know that there are a lot of human foods that our Cats should never eat. For instance, Preventing our cats from taking in alcohol, is a something that no one needs to tell us before we know. But do you know that because of their different metabolisms, many common foods that are safe for human consumption aren’t safe for your cat. Reactions can range between irritated stomachs to sickness and even death.
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Best Cat Toys To Keep Them Busy

Common questions from my viewers include, “Could it be reasonable to keep a pet cat cooped up indoors while I am busy at my job all day long?” and “How do I keep my cats busy and happy while you’re not at home?” They are good questions, because weary pet cats may become mischievous pet cats while endeavoring to captivate themselves sometimes.

Luckily for us, there are several toys and games that will help keep them from boredome, while stimulating and challenging their intellect and attention.

Exercise helps too.

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Essential Cat Supplies to Buy

Supplies both You and Your Cat Can’t Do Without

All kittens deserve to be provided with a Fun/Happy environment so as to grow into a healthy and happy cat. Cats are delicate and psychological animals that want nurturing. Many owners spend a tiny fortune on cat grooming and food, however they often ignore that cat supplies, food and treats are also necessary to increase a proper behaved cat.

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choosing best name for cat

Choosing Names For A Cat

Choosing Great Names For Your Cat

When you get cat a new cat you’ll definitely need to name them to make them part of the family. Many people choose a name they like and leave it at that just. But real cat lovers put a much more thought into naming their cats.

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japanese cat litter box in use

How To Potty Train Your Cat or Kitten

A motherly cat will commence training her kitten to make use of the kitty litter box when she’s been weaned. By right time you bring your brand-new kitten home, the chances are that she’s been trained to use the kitty litter box already.

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cat sleeping

Things You Should Know Before Adopting an Adult Cat or Kitten

Adopting a cat is a wonderful experience both for the owner as well as your new feline friend! Nonetheless, things may get complicated fast if you are not fully prepared or never had a cat before in your life. Cats are extremely emotional and sensitive animals that require special care and attention to achieve a strong bond between owner and pet. That being said, before adopting a cat, please take in these special considerations which may change your mind about cats and being well prepared before bringing them home! Continue reading Things You Should Know Before Adopting an Adult Cat or Kitten