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The Owner (CEO)

About Us


Tam is a 6 year old Persian mixed cat (42 Human Years) and just about endears us every step of the way in life. A crazy yet brilliant cat, Tam loves greeting us the in hallway when we get home from work on a bad day and comforts us (only when she’s hungry).

Things I love doing:

  • Sneaking into human’s room when they aren’t looking
  • Sleeping on human’s chest
  • Tuna
  • Breaking Things
  • Lizards
  • Catnip (Her number 1 drug)

Things I hate:

  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Rain


We specialize in everything about cats and provide you with only the best products

Kitty Wonderland is a pet loving online cat toy shop owned by a cat loving people just like you! We specially choose and cater all your cat’s wants and needs by having a wide selection of high quality products which will benefit your cat.

We try our best in keeping our store the best online cat shop by providing competitive prices and cost effective solutions as we understand the importance of a cheap yet high quality consumer made product which serves its purpose as a cat toy.


The Best for You and Your Cats

We have been in the business for about 6 years now (2010-now) and we still enjoy what we do best, which is to serve your cat and ensure that it grows healthily and enables them to be cared for. Cats requires more than attention, a great bed and a nice bowl of food with toys are always the best for keeping your cat busy while you’re out working or doing chores.

We have spent hours researching what suitable cat toys and accessories would be the best for your cat and ensure that all our products are safe for you and your cat. We are one of the best cat company in providing cat beds and cat collars as we provide many different varieties

We are many advantages of our online cat pet shop. As we only cater to cats, we can concentrate in providing you the best cat toys with worldwide shipping right to your home 24/7 every day of the year.


We Love Pet Cats

Each and every person who has ever worked at Kitty Wonderland has had a great and valuable experience in caring for cats and knows exactly what is suitable for their needs.  We do provide guides in cat wellbeing and healthcare on our blog. We discuss many important topics that every cat owner should know.


Quality Assurance

All products sold including cat food, cat toys, cat accessories, cat beds, catnip sticks and catnip balls have been carefully inspected beforehand. We can assure you that our products are fully safe for your cat. We have one of the tightest requirements for quality and ensure that what we sell are worth your time and money.



As cat lovers ourselves, we may focus on delivering our best services to you in terms of the best food for cats in ensuring the good livelihood of your cat. We provide 24/7 support if you have any enquiries.

You may contact us from the contact page here.