8 Interesting Facts About A Cat’s Paw

cat paws

Cat Paws are undoubtly an interesting topic to all cat lovers. Cats have been around for a really long time and we’ve discovered much about our them. Paws and claws can happen to be just bodily function of a cat, but there are eight facts which may shock and interest you below.


1. Cat Paw Scent Glands

The front paws of a cat contains some sort of scent gland and cats use these glands to secrete scent as a marker to recognize its territory. Cats will also secret its scent on people so as to identify them as a friend.


2. Cat Paw Pads Perspire

Surprisingly, Cats sweat through their paws. Cats perspire through its paw to keep itself cool when put in a hot place, when scared or in a very stressful situation.

8 Interesting Facts About A Cat's Paw Facts

3. Cats Are Digitigrade

Cats are what’s known as digitigrade. This simply means that unlike us humans, they do not walk on the heels of their legs/feet instead they walk on the digits/feet. Being digitigrade permits cats to move more faster with longer strides plus more quietly which helps them in searching for a prey (which they don’t need to do when properly taken care of).


4. Cat Paw Claw Fact

The claws on the cat’s front side paws are sharper than the claws on the back/rear paws. That is because of the fact that a cat can retract its front side paw claws rather than its back paw claws which consequently causes the rear claws becoming worn out.


5. Front/Back Cat Paw Fact

A cat will most likely have seven pads and five toes on its leading/front paws, four feet and five pads on its rear/back toes.

8 Interesting Facts About A Cat's Paw Facts

6. Climbing Down Trees

A significant reason that cats always get stucked in trees is the fact their front side paws turns inward and are weaker than their rear paws. This counter- rotational design of leading/front paws is ideal for climbing up a tree but isn’t really effective when it comes to climbing down again.


7. Cat Paw Water Filtering

If you have a cat, you might have noticed it drinking water off its paw after dipping the paw into a drinking water dish, cat water dispenser or normal water source. Cats use their paw to do that as a way to useĀ  their paws to filter “impurities” such as dirt and sand.


8. Matching Paw Colors

Cats paws have similar colors to their overall body color. A black cat has black pads, a grey cat will most likely have grey pads, a white one will most likely have light pink pads and a ginger cat’s paw pads will be pinky orange in colour.


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