5 Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat

5 foods your cats should not eat

By now many of us cat lovers already know that there are a lot of human foods that our Cats should never eat. For instance, Preventing our cats from taking in alcohol, is a something that no one needs to tell us before we know. But do you know that because of their different metabolisms, many common foods that are safe for human consumption aren’t safe for your cat. Reactions can range between irritated stomachs to sickness and even death.
To keep your cat safe you have to know which foods to avoid. The following list spotlights Five common foods your cat shouldn’t eat:



5 Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat Guides
Almost everyone knows that chocolates is bad for most animals, but almost all of us don’t understand that it’s also very dangerous for cats as well. Chocolates consists of theobromine, a substance component┬áthat humans can safely eat. But when dogs and cats eats it, the theobromine metabolizes more gradually and as a complete result, small amounts of the compound can bring about theobromine poisoning even, which can cause panting, vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal heartrate, excitability, seizures, tremors, and also death. Theobromine poisoning is treatable if the symptoms are noticed early. But to be always safe, be sure to keep away chocolates from your cat.


Baby Food5 Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat Guides

It is really difficult to believe a food that’s safe enough for a baby stomach isn’t safe enough for a cat . But how come baby foods are so dangerous for cats? it is majorly because of the fact that it might contain onion powder as an ingredient which that may lead to anemia in cats. Also, baby food doesn’t meet your cat’s healthy needs, and could cause malnutrition if he/she eats a lot of it.


Coffee and tea5 Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat Guides

Caffeine is known as a very toxic substances to both dogs and cats, and there is absolutely no cure for it. It requires just about 8 teaspoons of espresso to probably fatally poison a cat that weighs in at about 3
kilograms. Signs of a caffeine poisoned cat includes diarrhea, muscle tremors, nausea, vomiting, hyperactivity, panting, restlessness, increased/lowered heartrate, and, increased body’s heat. In the worst case scenarios, Caffeine poisoning can cause coma, seizures and death.


Onions and garlic5 Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat Guides

Whether powdered, uncooked or Raw onions and garlic are specially harmful to cats because they negatively affect the blood stream and will definitely lead to anemia. Anemia will not only make your cat pale and tired looking, it can also lead to death.


Grapes and raisins5 Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat Guides

Researchers are not still aware of what substance in grapes and raisins makes them so toxic for our domestic dogs and cats. Although it’s unclear what impact grapes have on cats, to be on the safe part the Animal Poison Control Center advises never to offering grapes or raisins to any cat, dog or pets as a whole.

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